Casting Coating | We are your source for top quality porcelain enamel coatings.
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Welcome to Casting Coating Corporation

Our coating primary mediums are Vitreous Porcelain Enamel Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating

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Coating Mediums

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating
Vitreous Porcelain Enamel

We have served a number of pump companies primarily water and waste pump for over 36 years.


We pride ourselves on quality and delivery.


We believe we could serve many other industries in need of corrosion and durable coatings.

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy coating designed
 for the corrosion protection of metal. The epoxy is applied to preheated steel or iron as a dry powder which melts and cures to a uniform coating thickness. This bonding process provides excellent adhesion and coverage on applications such as valves, pumps, pipe drains, hydrants, pipes, tanks and porous castings. Fusion-Bonded Epoxy coating is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for potable water applications and is also resistant to waste-water, corrosive soils, hydrocarbons, harsh chemicals, and sea water.

Vitreous Porcelain Enamel

Vitreous Porcelain Enamel is a glass that is bonded to metal (generally carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum) at temperatures from 1000°F – 1600°F (540 – 870°C).  Porcelain enamel has long been used as an ultimate-quality, highly durable coating for large and small applications in chemical storage vessels such as valves, pumps, pipe drains, hydrants, pipes, tanks and porous castings. Used in potable water applications. Meets NSF/ANSI standards 42,44,53,55,58,61,62,177.


It is our mission to provide our customers with affordable top quality porcelain enamel coating for most ferrous metal castings in order to improve corrosion resistance and/or flow efficiency.  It is a privilege, and it is with great gratitude to our customers, that we dedicate ourselves to this process. It is through hard work and attention to detail that we are able to meet or often beat customer deadlines.

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